Beretta Small Frame Production Line.

Model 1919, Model 318 (Bantam), Model 418 (Panther), Model 420 - .25 ACP

Model 950, Model 950B (Minx; Jetfire), Model 950BS - 22s, .25 ACP

Model 20 - .25 ACP, Model 21A - 22lr, .25 ACP

Model 3032 - .32 ACP (Tomcat)









Model 1919, Model 318 (Bantam), Model 418 (Panther), Model 420 - .25 ACP

Model 1919
.25 caliber
Factory Engraved 

Model 420

Factory Engraved
.25 cal.

angled squeeze grip safety
pearl grips
chrome plated
Made in Italy



Proof Dated XVI (1960)

Model 421  Factory Engraved  .25 cal.

Full Engraved & Gold Plated, Beautiful Pearl Grips, Made in Italy

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Model 950, Model 950B (Minx; Jetfire), Model 950BS - 22s, .25 ACP


Top:950B Minx 22 short. Cutaway

Center: 950B Minx-4 22.short Cutaway
Bottom: 950B Jetfire 25 cal. Cutaway   

950B DeLuxe Gold - 25 cal. - Full Engraved - Tortice Shell Grips -Cloth Hard Case


950B Deluxe - Fully engraved, Silver Plated, Tortoise Shell Grips, Cased, Proof Dated XXIV. (1968)


Prototypes -  One of A Kind --Jetfire: 25 cal. & Minx: 22short

6 barrels Adjustable Sights extended checkered wood grips extended  magazines These were to see if they would pass the 1968 GCA and did, but they were almost as large as the 70 series pistols which were already importable and more suited as plinking type pistols.

Model 950B (pre- U.S.A.)
One of A Kind : Prototype
.25 cal.

S/N: 1
Never Produced
Experimental Safety
Steel Frame With Solid Trigger Guard
Spring System Built in to Pop-Up Barrel
Italy Parts - Built in U.S.A.



Beretta 950BS - Pre-Beretta U.S.A.
Made In U.S.A. By F.I. Ind. Acck.,Md
.22 Short : Tip-Up Barrel

F.I. Ind. Is The Building Which Beretta U.S.A. Now Uses
These Guns Were Built Prior To Beretta U.S.A
F.I.I. Marked On Italy Proofed Barrel






Model 950B Experimental
Two -Tone
.25 cal.

Factory Letter
One of a Kind
New in Box
Made in U.S.A.



Model 950EL - One Of Kind
Special Order Long Barrel
.22 Short

“EL” Long Barrels Were Never Produced
Special Ordered With Circle & Arrows Logo Not PB Logo
Factory Letter
New In Box


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Model 20 - .25 ACP, Model 21A - .22lr, .25 ACP

Model 20. “Rare” Double Action. .25 cal.

Factory Letter, Chrome Trim, Double Action, Pop-Up Barrel.
About 4 of these pistols known in the U.S.A.
Original Box.   Made in Italy

Model 21A
“Lady Beretta “ Prototype
.22 L.R.

Factory Letter
This is S/ N: 00000 Prototype To The Limited Run Of 1000
In Addition There Were 632 More Made Without The 1 of 1000 Marking
Gold Markings & Velvet Logo Purse
Made in U.S.A.

Model 21A Prototype” Sales Set One Factory Engraved Set Made 22L.R.

Factory Letter, Gold-Wood Grips Silver - Wood Grips Blue - Wood grips
Lightly Engraved, Medium Engraved, Full Engraved
Project Cancelled - No Production Made.  Made in U.S.A.


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Model 3032 - .32 ACP (Tomcat)


Model 3032 “Tomcat”
Experimental Two -Tone
.32 Cal

Two -Tone Finish
Double Action
Made in U.S.A.




3032 Texas Ranger Gun. 32 Cal.

Person weapon for Robert D. Garza - Texas Ranger, assign to the Corpus Christi area.



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