New Pictures as of May 2006

***Model 92FS (Y2K) Only 2000 made. Rosewood grips with gold medallion. Special Y2K serial number.



***Washington State Patrol. Serial Number 1 : this was the prototype to this special addition.


***3032 Texas Ranger Gun. 32 Cal.

Person weapon for Robert D. Garza - Texas Ranger, assign to the Corpus Christi area.


***Model 92D (DAO) Special magazine disconnect. Special magazine - will not firing without special magazine.

This model was issued for both New York State Correctional Service and Department of Veterans Affairs Police.


***One of a Kind - Nickel "Stampede" - Circle and Arrows logo on top of non-production "Thunder" grip. Deluxe checkered (non-logo) walnut grips.

This grip frame was never offered on the "Stampede" revolver, but was later offered on "Marshal" edition. s/n B00090


***Moving to Cut-away section.


***950B Deluxe - Fully engraved, Silver Plated, Tortoise Shell Grips, Cased, Proof Dated XXIV. (1968)


***Model 421 Deluxe  : Proof Dated XVI (1960)

***Model 70 Deluxe "New Puma" Silver Plated, Fully Engraved.


92G Stainless Prototype-1 of 3 (magazine disconnect)   Puerto Rico State Police

Photo 1:State Police Badge and Patch

Photo 2 : State Police Door Decal With Issue patch and Two Different Issue Badges         


North Carolina Highway Patrol Commemorative

 Limited Edition - Gold Markings and State Seal In Walnut Grips - North Carolina Trooper Badge And Hardwood Case With State Seal 


1935 :  Authentic Nazi Proof  - .32 acp - Dated 1944


92FS Indiana State Police With Patch 

The State Police Logo IS Also Embossed on the frame

Farrar Grip Company made special Logo Grips For This Issue Gun



96D Brigadier - Federal Express Corporation

Fed Ex Security - FEC 165


Cremona M35 - Version of the 1935

Very Few Made -  South of Gardone in 1944 - Restored - Super Rare Example


Model 1937 - (not 1934)   .380

- little known    -    Marked Mo. 1937


1st Model 92 - Brazil Made - Pist. Mod. 92

- some made it into the country as Italy made pistols - boxes had Brazil cut out

- few had made in Brazil import marks - shown with Brazil Federal Badge



1915 - 1st Model 32acp -  wood grips

Model 1932 - close up of the over stamp - inset on page

Model 1915/19 insert on page

92FS Deluxe Gold - 9mm

presentation leather case

deluxe grips with name plate


949 Olimpionico  22lr  (5 game scenes )




Model 8000 Stainless Prototype - Deluxe Wood

S/N: ES026   -  Experimental Sample

an unmarked  "G"  model in .40 cal.


8000-D Prototype - DAO 9mm

S/N: ES 024  : Experimental Sample

no logo on grip - 9mm


8000 Prototype  un-marked  "G"

S/N: ES 0     : Experimental Sample

9mm - no logo on pre-production grips

9000S "D" - 9mm - poly frame  (DAO)

with full magazine and frame extention sleeve

9000S - "F"


Ernest Langdon's Frankenstien Gun

92FS - 470 Year - Experimental (un-numbered)

 one of kind case - numbered 1 of 470 - faux black pearl grips with logo

 these grips and numbered case were never issued with this edition

close up of 8000L

948 golden ventian




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