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Rare Factory Cutaway of 92F-Compact windows cut to see internals    

92FS Stainless Ser. Number L00072Z.
Appears on the cover of 19   Guns & Ammo 
magazine  shown with water spots to highlight
The new Stainless version.

This Beretta frame forging was anodized red
And night sights added with the Trijicon name
For use at trade shows and for advertising 

Factory experiments four types of camo : hand painted.

M-9 Defender 10 year Anniversary Commemorative gold etching with four branches of the armed forces.

A:Beretta Blitz stun light for the 9mm.
PM -12S  sub-machine gun very rare.
Marked with logo and the name BLITZ.

Beretta Cigar from the Grand opening of the Dallas Gallery Full size 92FS lighter.

Beretta machine bits made in U.S.A., along with a frame forging from a 21A tip-up.

Transition flared grip compact 92SB

92SB Compact Rare Factory Nickel
1st Model with straight grip frame not flared at bottom; Wood deluxe grips.  

92SB this came from the Dept. of Energy.
Savannah River Project who carried Berettas for sometime -  Marked SRP 94
Wackenhut security badge who protects the plant now.  

Prototype D.

92SB Gold FBI logo on one grip and Mr. Lloyds monogram in gold on other grip
Agent Lloyds pocked I.D. filigreed

One of the 92S-1 samples (not used in the test trials but for a sales sample.
Only 60 guns were produced note relocation of the magazine release.
Wood grips from the 92S were used leaving a gap for the old button.  

92S 2nd generation of the 92.  

1951 Brigadier (original Brigadier) Deluxe full engraved and gold plated.
This was one of 20 guns from this time period  (the only known consec. pair).
The mate to it was stolen from a historical display.   

Iraq made 1951 Tariq 9mm - Beretta Licensed : these were seen in Desert Storm 1 for the 1st time.

1951E Egyptian Beretta
Note the longer barrel, bottom magazine release, lanyard loop and high sights.

1923 Commercial - 9mm Glisenti nice wood grips with medallions.

1923 Commercial Cut for a Shoulder stock 9mm Glisenti.
Nice wood grips with medallions.

Model 92 step side approx 5000 made before the change.
This is S/N:52 and was originally sold to Chicago P.D.  My friend Dan Rewers was involved with this buy and he passed away this last year.  

Model 92 Factory Cutaway Training aid S/N: TA00

Model 92SB Compact: - Cover Gun for Guns & Ammo Magazine.

Model 1915 1st 9mm pistol by Beretta : 9mm Glisenti

92-S : Wood grips No left handed safety lever- Bottom magazine release.

M-9 Knife limited edition.

92-S : This particular gun has an experimental safety lever added for left handed shooters.  
Shown with special seal team ammo.

RARE 92 Navy steel frame pistol with Brigadier type slide.
One of approx 40 pistols and special ammo.  

One of the 20 prototypes of the 96 Marked ".40 Smith & Wesson" on the slide and hand marked .40S&W on the barrel.    

950 Prototype with safety added one of a kind solid frame S/N:1
This is a handmade 950B style pistol with a lever type safety. The tip- up barrel is activated with a system similar to the one used on the much more modern 3032 Tomcat.

Model 84F & 85F -1st samples Not to be fired  - Cover guns for Guns and Ammo.

Experimental Mod. 76 Pistols Matte and blue finishes vent ribs two types of magazine bottoms.
These pistols have two styles of serrated cocking handles added to the rear of the slide.

Browning BDA Nickel D/A  13 rd. .380 
Came in Beretta box marked for - Mr. B. Taylor.
Beretta Medallions in Browning Grips. My personal shooter

Prototypes -  One of A Kind --Jetfire: 25 cal. & Minx: 22short
6 barrels Adjustable Sights extended checkered wood grips extended  magazines These were to see if they would pass the 1968 GCA and did, but they were almost as large as the 70 series pistols which were already importable and more suited as plinking type pistols.

Factory - one of a kind Stampede Cutaway : This is the only one I know to exist at this time.

Prototype 89 with smooth grips and slide seen in Handgun Quarterly Magazine  ///// 
Serrations front and rear different than production guns.  

Prototype 22lr Made from a Mod.76 Frame -70S slide 75 Barrel

Rare Mod. 1932   380
With 1939 ammunition box.  

950BS One of a Kind Satin Chrome.

Top:950B Minx 22 short. Cutaway
Center: 950B Minx-4 22.short Cutaway
Bottom: 950B Jetfire 25 cal. Cutaway   

1)Model 20 cutaway - 2)Made in Italy - 3)Never imported

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