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92F - Compact Type “M”
Only 6 Prototypes Imported
9mm Parabellum

Due To The Up-Grade To The FS Model Only 6 Samples Were Sent Over - Future Pistols Were Delivered As 92FS- C Type “M”
This Pistol Was Used As A Sample For Several Gov’t. Agencies As Listed In The Factory Letter
9 Shot Magazine
Made in Italy

92F Prototype “G”
Beretta U.S.A. Made
9mm Parabellum

Experimental American 92F With “G” Feature Prior To The Model “G” Being The Assigned Model Number
Experimental Takedown Latch ( see insert )
Made in U.S.A.

92FS Prototype “D”
9mm Parabellum

Cover Gun -Guns & Ammo Magazine
Prototype “D”

Italian Frame With Experimental U.S.A. Slide

A :Right side is totally blank Indent From 92FS Still On Slide

This Machining Step Is Later Omitted On Production

B : Shorter serrations than production piece

C: Left side marks Are Missing (PB)

This prototype was fearured as cover gun of Guns & Ammo Magazine

Model 96 Prototype
1 of 20 With Smith & Wesson Markings
.40 S&W Cal.

Factory Letter - S/N:17
Only The 1st 20 Were Roll Stamped With Smith & Wesson Spelled Out On The Slide
Only 1st 20 Had The .40 S& W Hand Cut On Barrel
Factory Rubber Grips
Made in Italy