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Prototype 92SB (F)
92SB with features of the “92F”
9mm Parabellum

Marked 92SB But Later Called The 92SB-F
Shorter Trigger Guard Than Production Pistol - Few Made
Matte Finish And Square Trigger Guard & More
Many Of These Features Later Became The 92F
Made in Italy

92F- Prototype
Modified “F” markings
9mm Parabellum

SB- Marking Has Been Changes To An Inserted “F” And Modifications Have Been Made To An SB Featured Pistol To The New “F” Features
Modified ”F” Features : Grips Have Been Relieved For Left Safety - Grip Screws Have Been Modified To Wider Slot
Factory Letter
Made in Italy

92F (M-9)
Modified From 92SB-F Prototype
9mm Parabellum

Experimental Drain Hole In Frame ( front of trigger)
M-9 Slide
Grip Screws Modified To “F” Style
Grips Modified Top “F” Style
Long Barrel For Suppresser Modification
Letter of Documentation
Made in Italy