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92FS-Compact Type “M”
One Of 25 M-11 Samples
9mm Parabellum

Factory Letter
These Special Pistols Were Sent For The M-11 Gov’t. Testing For An Alternative Pistol For Plain Clothes Carry
9 Shot - Compact
Dove Tailed Front Sight
Made in Italy

Prototype “D”
92SB - C Type “M”

9mm Parabellum

Prototype "D" Made For The St Louis Police Dept.
Late Production Run 92SB "M" Models Were Supplied
When 92FS "M" Guns Were Scarce Or Out Of Production - 92SB-C factory modified to "D" (double action only) - Factory Letter -
Made in Italy

Model 92S-1 : Test Trial Guns
Very Rare Pistol
9mm Parabellum

Note the magazine release is relocated but the grip is cut for the old release - left handed safety wing is added
4o were imported for Gov’t Testing and for Sales Samples
Prototype to the 92SB
Made In Italy