Beretta 9mm Production Line.

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Model 92FS


92FS Stainless
S/N : 1 & 2

9mm parabellum
Factory 92FS Stainless
1st & 2nd Production Pistols Made
New In Boxes
Made in Italy



92FS Deluxe
Engraved & Gold Inlaid
9mm Parabellum

One Of 6 Made For The Grand Opening Of The New York Beretta Gallery
Engraved With Gold Wire Inlay
Wood Grips With Gold Name Plate
Factory Cased
Made in Italy




Italian 92EL Pearl Schrimshaw Grips

Ugo G. Beretta’s Presentation Pistols
# 2 of 10
9mm Parabellum
#1 is in the Beretta Museum in Italy
# 2 is mine
# 3 was presented to Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf at the New York opening
Grips are signed & numbered with 2/10
Pistol Numbered 2 / 10
Made in Italy

92EL “Texas Special”
1 of 50 for Opening of Dallas Gallery
9mm Parabellum

Factory Letter
New In Box
Made in U.S.A.





92EL National Rifle Association
Only 500 Made
9mm Parabellum

500 made for Friends of the N.R.A. fundraiser
High Polish Blue with walnut grips
Special Beveled glass presentation case
NRA medallion inset in velvet lining
NRA Description card




“Prototype” 92FS Centurion
Scalloped Back Strap- Like 8000 Series
9mm Parabellum

Factory Letter
One Of 8 Prototypes
Scalloped Back Strap
Resulted In Contracts For Los Angeles Police & Sheriff Dept.
Made in U.S.A.




92 Custom Carry limited edition of standard compact with special markings -  for better concealment the right side of the safety has been removed


New York Dept. of Corrections 92D with magazine disconnect appears from the outside as a standard 92D but this gun takes a special magazine that when removed the gun is inoperable this gun was also sold to the V.A. Police has night sights.

 Elite 1A - Vertec frame with light rail and Brigadier slide.
                                 Elite II  -  Stainless Brigadier slide with forward serrations and NOVAC sites. Aggressively checkered frame.
                                                          Elite  - Standard frame with Brigadier slide with stainless barrel, flush with slide.

92EL  Sample with non-production grips Beretta  USA and trident laser cut on grips
 I only know of 2 pair of these grips. 92EL has high polish blue with gold appointments 

92FS Olive Drab limited production with OD green frame -

Beretta Prototype to the French G-1 project MAS grips and MAS slide on Italian frame.
Slide is marked : Fabrication Sous License Beretta
P.A MAS 9mm G1

Stainless 92G Prototype magazine disconnect
One of 3 produced for Puerto Rico National Police
92Gs were never produced in stainless

92FS “Deluxe”
Factory Engraved & Gold

9mm Parabellum
Leather Presentation Case
New In Box
Made in Italy



92FS “Deluxe”
Factory Engraved & Silver

9mm Parabellum
Leather Presentation Case
New In Box
Made in Italy




92FS “Deluxe”
Factory Engraved & Blue

9mm Parabellum
Leather Presentation Case
New In Box
Made in Italy







92G-SD "Special Duty" 9mm with light rail and brigadier slide factory night sights and aggressive checkering front and back beveled magazine well extended magazine release - shown with M3 light.

92 Stainless Golden Very Limited high polished stainless edition with gold etched markings.

Stainless 92 Vertec light rail and 1911 style grip. 

92FS UNITED WE STAND & matching Knife
These were sold and proceeds went to the families of the 9-11 tragedy at the world trade towers in New York Most were purchased by Beretta employees! Only 2001 were produced It was so popular that a second series was produced stainless steel with larger numbers in both 9mm and 40 cal.

92 Vertec Training Aide blue plastic.

92FC-M. Early sample - Compact, Type M.  Rare wood grips.

92FS Stainless Ser. Number L00072Z.
Appears on the cover of 19   Guns & Ammo 
magazine  shown with water spots to highlight
The new Stainless version.

This Beretta frame forging was anodized red
And night sights added with the Trijicon name
For use at trade shows and for advertising 

92FS : Washington State Patrol
Prototype To This Special Run
9mm Parabellum

Factory Letter
S/N: WSP0001
Special Grips With Different Inserts On Both Sides
Made in Italy





92FS-Compact Type “M”
One Of 25 M-11 Samples
9mm Parabellum

Factory Letter
These Special Pistols Were Sent For The M-11 Gov’t. Testing For An Alternative Pistol For Plain Clothes Carry
9 Shot - Compact
Dove Tailed Front Sight
Made in Italy


92FS Two -Tone Stainless
 9mm Parabellum

Factory Letter
Two Tone Prototype
Italy Slide On American Frame
All American Production Run Was Later Made





92FS “Brigadier”
Pre-Production “Prototype”
9mm Parabellum

Factory Letter
One Of A Few Italian Samples - “RARE”
Production Was Italy Slide On U.S.A. Frame & Then All U.S.A. Made
Made in Italy

92EL : Southern Pacific Railroad
“Prototype” To Special Edition

Factory Letter
This Prototype is Marked Differently From Production Pistols - #1 Prototype
Limited Edition Production Marked 1/109 2/109 etc.
Brass Paperweight : S.P.R.R. “Thank You”


92FS Prototype D
9mm Parabellum

Cover Gun -Guns & Ammo Magazine
Prototype D
Italian Frame With Experimental U.S.A. Slide
A :Right side is totally blank Indent From 92FS Still On Slide
This Machining Step Is Later Omitted On Production
B : Shorter serrations than production piece
C: Left side marks Are Missing (PB)
This prototype was featured as cover gun of Guns & Ammo Magazine

92FS - Heavy Relief Engraved  - With Gold Wire Inlay
9mm Parabellum,
Signed By Engraver Ferrante. Cased, High Grade Wood

92D “Prototype”
Double Action Only
9mm Parabellum

Factory Letter
Shown On Poster : “Anatomy Of A Legend”
Odd “D” Marking On Roll Stamp
Pre-Production Piece
Made in Italy

Gold Titanium Slide - One Of A Kind
Experimental Muzzle Brake
Factory Letter





Washington State Patrol. Serial Number 1 was prototype to this special addition.


Model 92D (DAO) Special magazine disconnect. Special magazine - will not firing without special magazine.

This model was issued for both New York State Correctional Service and Department of Veterans Affairs Police.


Model 92FS (Y2K) Only 2000 made. Rosewood grips with gold medallion. Special Y2K serial number.



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